Cargo and equipment release terms

General provisions

1. Merchant for the purpose of below terms is defined as shipper, consignee or any other entity acting on their behalf.
2. The Merchant has sole responsibility for the packing/unpacking of the cargo, into/from the Container and Oakridge shall be under no liability for loss or damage to the cargo, or for any personal injury or loss or damage to any property arising out of such operations.
3. In the case of road transport, the driver is not authorized to act in any way on behalf of Oakridge. If, for any reason, the driver takes part in the packing/unpacking operation, he does so solely on behalf of the Merchant.
4. No supervision or advice as regards the packing/unpacking of cargo into/from Containers shall be given by or on behalf of Oakridge, or accepted by the Merchant, unless agreed in writing between them, and even then such advice shall in no way extend, alter or affect Oakridge's or Merchant's liabilities.
5. The Merchant is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate seal is properly affixed to the loaded container before it leaves his premises.
6. The Merchant should satisfy himself on taking delivery that the seal on the container is intact.
7. Empty equipment redelivery in empty, clean and sound condition shall be performed by client according to redelivery instructions provided in writing from Oakridge.
8. IMO and LQ labels to be OBLIGATORY removed at Consignee’s premises upon container unstuffing. If labels are not removed, EUR 200 fine to apply.
9. If equipment is not returned to Oakridge within freetime, detention tariff to apply and invoice for actual detention charges is issued to the customer.

When equipment is loaned to the Merchant it is on the following terms:

1. The Merchant acknowledges receipt of the equipment in apparent good order and condition.
2. When the Merchant's prime mover or prime mover and trailer or other carrying vehicle is used the equipment must be suitable for the weight, size and other characteristics of the load involved.
3. The Container must at all times be firmly secured to the trailer or other carrying vehicle either by twistlock or by another method agreed by Oakridge.
4. In no circumstances may the container be removed from the trailer or other carrying vehicle without prior agreement from Oakridge.
5. Oakridge equipment must not be used except for the carriage of cargo booked with Oakridge.
6. The Merchant is responsible for any damage to or loss of the equipment. Any repair will be made by Oakridge and he will be reimbursed by the Merchant.
7. The Merchant undertakes to ensure that containers from which the cargo has been unpacked are left in a clean and cargo-worthy condition.
8. Oakridge has the right to inspect the container before accepting redelivery.
9. The Merchant will reimburse Oakridge for any cleaning costs, and other consequential expenses incurred by Oakridge arising from the Merchants failure to redeliver the container in a suitable condition. If the Merchant does not have the necessary special cleaning and/or disposal facilities, Oakridge may, by arrangement following delivery, agree to undertake the necessary work at the Merchant's expense.