Haulier booking terms

Oakridge (hereinafter the Shipper) books and Haulier undertakes carriage of goods as set forth in Eesti Vabariigi Võlaõigusseaduse (VÕS) 42 peatükk 1, these general Terms and concrete booking. Booking terms take precedence over Terms.

1. Shipper is entitled to submit bookings to Haulier by means of email, fax or by phone.
2. Shipper is entitled to appoint third parties (Terminals) as his agents for the purpose of cargo release or acceptance.
3. Shipper has the right to appoint third parties (Depots) as his agents for the purpose of empty container equipment release or acceptance.
4. Shipper is entitled to demand a waybill from the Haulier without mentioning of VÕS par. 774, lõike 1, p. 10, 11, 13 and without Shipper's signature.
5. Waybill to be issued in 5 copies - one for Shipper , Depot , Haulier and release / acceptance Terminals.
6. Haulier is obliged to to sign the waybill and insert dates/times of cargo acceptance and delivery and empty container redelivery if needed.
7. Should the Terminal or Depot refuse to sign waybills Haulier undertakes to ensure statements are jointly signed with Terminals or Depots as to cargo release, acceptance or redelivery of empty containers.
8. Shipper's nominated Terminal is entitled to submit cargo documents to Haulier on Shipper's behalf.
9. Haulier certifies performance of carriage by submitting a waybill duly signed by Terminal with date and time of cargo release or acceptance marked.
10. Haulier driver is not authorized to act in any way on behalf of Shipper. If, for any reason, the driver takes part in the packing/unpacking operation, he does so solely on behalf of the Merchant involved.
11. Haulier is obliged to ensure that Terminal satisfies itself on taking delivery that the seal on the container is intact. All Terminal remarks regarding shortage or damage of cargo must be accompanied by driver's remarks that the container was delivered with original seal and without evident signs of opening.
12. Haulier is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate seal is properly affixed to the loaded container before it leaves Terminal premises.
13. Haulier is responsible for ensuring that empty equipment is redelivered in empty, clean and sound condition by client with all IMO and LQ labels removed.
14. Empty container return to Depot is considered an integral part of carriage performed by Haulier.
15. Haulier is obliged to return empty containers without delay to Shipper's nominated Depot. Fine of 40 EUR per day or part of day to apply.
16. Shipper pays for carriage services rendered in accordance with these Terms.
17. Haulier is responsible to present invoices for services rendered within the 10-th day of month following carriage with copies of pertaining waybills and joint Terminal and Depot statements if needed.